“Safety In Numbers”… especially when there are less of you!

In June 4, 2010

Doing “More with Less”.  We have all subscribed to or been affected by this business philosophy in the last year and a half.  In an effort to save money and become more efficient during this challenging business environment companies have reduced staffing and asked all of us to take on additional roles and tasks within our organizations.  Many companies have even gone to “in-house” safety inspections of their equipment in an effort to cut costs.  That said, it has never been more important to ensure worker safety and pinpoint potential hazards that could involuntarily reduce your workforce and “wipe out” any savings you had planned.

This publication by OSHA entitled “Worker Safety Series for Warehousing” is a pocket guide in PDF format that addresses many of the potential hazards in a warehouse environment as well as the “10 OSHA Standards most frequently included in the agencies citations when performing facility inspections.”

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