Orr Safety Corp. Upgrades Distribution Center to Maximize Productivity

In March 19, 2012
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Since 1948 Orr Corporation has been helping protect people, property and the environment.  The company’s primary business focus has been in the wholesale distribution of industrial safety, occupational health, industrial hygiene, and fire-related equipment and supplies.

Today Orr is one of the nation’s largest privately owned safety distributors representing over 600 leading global manufacturers.  Their strategically located distribution centers and alliances with key international shipping partners enable them to provide safety solutions to virtually any destination.

The need to locate and ship product quickly is critical to Orr’s operations. Bud Orr, of Orr Corporation, realized the order selection process at the Louisville distribution center was not utilizing the most advanced technology available.  The company was wasting space and man hours in the order picking process.

With his logistics background and industry experience, Bud was well aware of the benefits of the narrow aisle concept.  In fact, he demanded it.  He explained his vision of efficiency to the engineers at Cardinal Integrated Systems and the plan for renovation was born.

The narrow aisle concept can save up to 80% of valuable storage space.  Cube utilization allows a company to improve storage space without adding additional square footage.  Maximizing the current space by going up, rather than adding additional space is more cost effective and practical.  In addition, the aisles between them become narrower, usually 6ft. instead of the traditional 12ft.  Very Narrow Aisle (VNA) trucks are used to allow for maneuverability that the typical counterbalanced truck cannot possibly achieve.  The Aisle Navigation at Orr Safety is rail guided and the aisle width is 48.5″.  By reducing the size of the storage area and reducing travel distances and cycle times a VNA truck provides the most cost effective and viable solution distribution needs.

And when it comes to narrow aisle equipment, one manufacturer stands out from all others.  Crown is the most respected and innovative name in the industry.  Since its entry in to the material handling equipment industry in 1956, Crown has distinguished itself from competitors with exceptional product designs and a unique business approach based on vertical integration. Cardinal Carryor, the authorized dealership for Crown equipment, worked with its sister company Cardinal Integrated Systems, to provide a complete turn-key system that reduced costs dramatically while significantly increasing vertical storage space.

In addition to converting the Louisville distribution center to the narrow aisle concept, Bud Orr’s vision included the use of only Crown equipment.  His previous experience with the American based manufacturer had him convinced that Crown had the highest quality of design, manufacturing and support available on the market.

“The knowledge level, expertise and customer support I have received from Cardinal Integrated Systems and Cardinal Carryor” has been an excellent partnership.  Their engineers understood my idea of driving efficiency into our operation.  They were able to reduce it down to a drawing we could work with,” stated Bud.

After approving the plans, the implementation process involved the challenge of installation while not disrupting the distribution operations.  “We began the process during the holidays and have not skipped a beat despite the busiest January in our company history.  We are nearly complete with this phased in project and I have been pleased with the company and the knowledge level of all their employees from the project engineer to the superintendents and workers.  They have all worked to our schedule to ease the installation process,” Bud added.

To increase the efficiency of your operation or to learn more about the narrow aisle concept, contact Cardinal Carryor and Cardinal Integrated Systems today!

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