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Hawker is the premiere name in lead acid batteries and smart battery charging around the globe. Their technology, reliability, and performance is second to none, which is why we are proud to offer a robust line of Hawker lead acid batteries and charging options. Hawker also offers an environmentally friendly gel electrolyte battery, and their environmental record is impressive. In fact the Hawker production facility is regarded as the most environmentally friendly

Your Hawker Powersource for Energy Plus, Powerline, Top Power, Envirolink, and Water Less Batteries Hawker’s Energy Plus batteries are designed for longer-lasting energy and more power. They are ideal for forklifts and trucks operating in harsh conditions or needing extra power for attachments.

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Hawker’s Powerline batteries offer unbeatable toughness with the “thickest grid in the industry.” The Powerline models are great for a wide range of forklifts, riders, and lift trucks.

Hawker’s Top Power batteries deliver reliable Hawker power at an affordable price point. If your forklift or truck doesn’t use attachments and operates under normal conditions, the Top Power lead acid battery can help trim costs while keeping productivity high and charging time low.

Hawker’s Envirolink batteries are an exciting development and a great alternative to lead acid batteries. This sealed gel electrolyte battery needs very little to no maintenance (no water needed!) and offers perfect power, while also eliminating exposure to harmful acids. Hawker’s “Water Less” batteries provide another option for reducing watering time and expenses. This battery needs water just four times per year.

Hawker battery charging & smart charger options include their Powerguard, LifeGuard, LifeSpeed, LifePlus, LifeTech, and PowerTech models. They offer a range of options from single-phase to three-phase, and they’re all designed to reduce charging costs.

Hawker chargers and smart chargers continue to offer the best charging power for your dollar. We’ll be happy to talk through your options and give you the information you need to find the right Hawker batteries and chargers for your facility.

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We offer battery planned maintenance as well as cleaning programs. We can repair, clean and re-build industrial batteries at our facility or come to you. We also lease industrial batteries and chargers in Louisville, KY. Time to change the battery? See our battery changing stations.

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