Industrial Forklift Batteries, Battery Chargers, and Changers

Louisville Industrial Batteries and Chargers

Everything we do at Cardinal Carryor is designed to keep your operations running smoothly—and that’s certainly true of our Louisville industrial forklift batteries and charger offerings. We know how important it is to have reliable batteries and efficient charging for every shift. We have a huge range of industrial batteries and chargers, including forklift and pallet jack batteries, all with a wide range of voltages and power options. We also offer complete services like washing and repair.

Hawker Forklift Batteries

Hawker gives you reliability and dependability that is second to none. Find the right Hawker forklift batteries for any conditions— harsh terrain, long drives, with or without attachments, and much more.

Hawker also offers an environmentally-friendly battery that reduces workplace exposure to acid. Time to charge up? We offer a great selection of chargers and smart chargers.

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BHS Battery Stations

Keep battery changing time to a minimum with efficient design and easy operation. OSHA-approved and acid-resistant, these BHS durable battery stations are a lasting value.

Service Your Batteries

In addition to our full line of industrial batteries and chargers, we have an in-house battery repair shop where we repair and re-build industrial batteries. We also have battery planned maintenance and on-site cleaning programs, all using the latest environmentally safe methods.

Battery and Charger Leasing Options

Just need some juice for a day or a month? We also lease industrial batteries and chargers.

Want to learn more about Louisville’s wide selection of industrial forklift batteries, battery chargers, and changers? Call 1-800-666-5600 or Contact Us now and let’s get started.