Half The Battle Can Be Getting There

In September 22, 2014

We talk quite a bit about powered lift equipment safety when it comes to operating fork lifts, safe handling of IC fuels, industrial batteries and pedestrian injuries when providing OSHA Safety Training to our customers.  We’ve discussed the potential dangers and injuries that are sustained by operators and pedestrians when alertness is not maintained in a warehouse setting.  OSHA has documented that operators which have undergone a safety training program are 70% less likely to be involved in an incident.  But before you ever lift that first pallet, unload the first truck or even “clock-in”, you have to make it to work.  How many times have you turned the key, put your brain and your vehicle on cruise control only to arrive wondering how you got there?  What were you thinking?

April is Distracted Driving Awareness Month and the National Safety Counsel has put together a webpage that is loaded with information, free downloadable posters for your workplace and a number of other resources that will get you and your co-workers to work and home safer.   Click this link to drive you to the site: National Safety Counsel April Distracted Driving Awareness Month