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Louisville Forklift Attachments

Turn your forklifts into a fleet of multi-purpose, high-efficiency material handling machines with our extensive forklift attachments and accessories. Lift truck attachments and accessories have advanced by leaps and bounds over recent years. Use our huge selection of side shifters, fork positioners, rotators, billet grabs, hold-down clamps, and more to get the most out of your lift truck investment. Don’t forget our full line of forklift batteries and chargers.

Cardinal Carryor offers a full line of new and used forklift attachments in Louisville, KY and throughout the region for almost any need including:

Forklift Buckets

Expand your reach with rugged forklift buckets. Save money on a loader and use lift truck buckets for plowing, moving shifting loads and more. Forklift buckets can clamp or slip on the forks of most machines, and are built to absorb shock and withstand the toughest loads.

Forklift Booms

Find telescoping forklift booms or rigid heavy-duty booms and expand your forklift’s capabilities with confidence. These booms are designed for power, driver visibility, and maximum versatility.

Forklift Pallet Forks

Adjustable, durable and easily controlled by the driver, pallet forks let you save time and money with precision placement and easy lifting of awkward or standard materials. A wide variety of sizes let you find the right adjustable pallet fork for your needs.

Forklift Carton Clamps

Secure your carton load with heavy-duty carton hold-down clamps and side-shifters. Ideal for large-scale carton handling and shifting, these clamps allow for maximum efficiency as well as driver visibility.

Replacement Forks

Maintain safety and durability with high-strength replacement forks. Choose from bucket forks, rough terrain forklift forks, loader forks and everything in between.

We also have a full line of calipers, bag handlers, fork positioners, push/pulls, rotators and more. Our goal every step of the way is to make your operations more efficient with the right tools for you.

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