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Doosan Forklifts Louisville

Doosan’s forklift line includes electric and internal combustion lift trucks that can take on capacities of up to 36,000 lbs. Cardinal Carryor is proud to offer a complete line of Doosan lift trucks and forklift parts. As always, we offer flexible forklift leasing options and great deals on used equipment.

Doosan machines all feature exceptional ease of use and reliability. As a premiere innovator in the industry, Doosan has been leading the way in advanced technologies for years.

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They offer more than 100 forklift models including an environmentally-friendly electric line. Doosan is a global brand offering material handling solutions throughout the world. They’re a great choice for improving profitability and streamlining operations.

Doosan Cushion and
Pneumatic Tire Forklifts

These lift trucks are industry-tested to be tough, rugged and reliable. Doosan cushion tire forklifts are designed especially for indoor use and have a wide variety of uses for distributors and others. They’re great for fast and flexible movement in tight spaces and the cushion tires leave floors and materials undamaged.

In addition, most Doosan Forklifts come with oil cooled disc brakes which come with an unlimited, 5yr./10, 000 hour warranty.

Doosan Forklifts

Pneumatic tire forklifts are typically larger than cushion tire models, and a solid tire makes them suited for outdoor or indoor use. Both solid pneumatic and cushion tire forklifts are easy to load and transport to any location.

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