Cushman Personnel Carriers and Electric Carts

Louisville Personnel Carriers & Electric Carts

We have a great group of electric carts from Cushman. These durable, smooth-riding industrial vehicles are ideal for transporting anyone—staff, crew, or an important business partner stopping in for a tour.

They’re designed with both durability and comfort in mind, and are known for easy-on-the-eye style and a modern look that gives any facility an instant upgrade.

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Choose from a variety of seating options for personnel carriers. Both gas and electric carts are available.

The Shuttle 2: A speedy, compact gas or electric cart that seats two plus equipment.

The Shuttle 4: Bench seating for four, gas or electric drivetrain, and an enclosed cargo box for secure transport. This personnel carrier also features an optional canopy.

The Shuttle 4x: Also available in gas or electric drivetrain, this model features higher ground clearance. A good choice for more rugged conditions, it seats up to four with room for cargo.

The Shuttle 6: For maximum space, the Shuttle 6 gives you space for six with two benches and a final rear-facing bench in back. Find gas or electric carts.

Cushman quality means years of reliable performance with minimum down-time. All our material handling equipment is backed with our 24/7 service. Our full line of batteries and chargers mean you get everything you need for your electric carts, all in one place.

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