CROWN SC Series Forklifts

3-Wheel Forklift

Crown sc5200 forklift


  • LOAD CAPACITY: 3000 - 4000 lbs
  • MAX. LIFT HEIGHT: 276 in.
  • LOAD CENTER: 24 in.
  • POWER (ELECTRIC): 36V-48V / 340-850 Ah
  • WIDTH OVERALL: 42 in.

4-Wheel Forklift

Crown sc6000 forklift


  • LOAD CAPACITY: 3000 - 4000 lbs
  • MAX. LIFT HEIGHT: 295 in.
  • LOAD CENTER: 24 in.
  • POWER (ELECTRIC): 48V/550-750 Ah
  • WIDTH OVERALL: 42.1 - 44.4 in.

No matter your industry or application, increasing demands for productivity and profitability require a whole new level of adaptability – and that’s where the Crown SC Series excels.

  • Crown’s Access 1 2 3 Comprehensive System Control gives operators confidence through real-time monitoring and management of truck systems.
  • e-GEN Braking delivers performance, service and cost advantages by eliminating the traditional friction brake. This enables variable motor braking for specific conditions and reduces pedal effort and long-term maintenance requirements.
  • Crown’s Intrinsic Stability System drives confidence, safety, and efficiency for greater overall performance. The on-board intelligence assists the operator with control based on load weight, lift height, steer angle and truck speed.
  • Operators benefit from the SC Series’ operator-focused ergonomics, superior visibility, ease of entry and exit and intuitive hydraulic controls options.

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