Crown RMD Series Reach Lift Trucks

Double Reach (RMD)

Crown rm-6000 double reach truck


  • LOAD CAPACITY: 3200 lbs
  • POWER (ELECTRIC): 36 volt / 930 - 1240 Ah
  • HEAD LENGTH: 60.9 - 65.3 in
  • MAX. LIFT HEIGHT: 400 in.

Sit-Down Double Reach (RMD)

Crown rmd6000 forklift


  • LOAD CAPACITY: 3200 lbs
  • POWER (ELECTRIC): 36 volt / 930 - 1395 Ah
  • HEAD LENGTH: 67.3 - 70.8 in
  • MAX. LIFT HEIGHT: 505 in.
  • The RM/RMD Series from Crown boasts incredible travel, lift and lower speeds that equate to reduced cycle times and measurable productivity gains.
  • Regenerative lowering captures lost energy and returns it to the battery, equating to fewer battery changes, longer shifts and reduced costs.
  • Crown’s Xpress Lower technology increases top lowering speed 110 feet per minute to 240 feet per minute while using no additional energy. With twice the lowering speed, the RM/RMD Series delivers a boost in throughput.
  • Crown’s exclusive OnTrac Anti-Slip Traction Control system greatly reduces tire spin during acceleration, plugging and braking for optimized performance – even on wet, slick or dusty surfaces.

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