Cardinal Carryor 70th Anniversary: A Milestone in Material Handling

In June 27, 2017
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Let’s take a trip back to the late 1940’s—World War II was over and America was settling in to a new life of economic and family expansion. To support the unprecedented baby boom and massive suburban sprawl, many new businesses were founded. Such was the case of Cardinal Carryor, Inc., who first opened its doors in Lexington, Kentucky in 1947. Seventy years later we’ve grown into one of the region’s premier players for material handling sales, rental and service.

“Even though we’ve been around for 70 years, our philosophy is still that of a 25-year-old,” said Brad Baker, President of Cardinal Carryor. “We realize how new technologies are changing our industry and we are well prepared to be on the cutting edge of implementation to help our customers’ businesses grow.”

Six years after beginning business as a refuse collector, Cardinal entered the forklift arena, becoming a dealer for Yale Forklift. Ten years later we’d become a CLARK Forklift dealer, which we still are today. In fact, as we celebrate our 70th year in business, CLARK is celebrating its own milestone—a century of innovation and industry leadership.

“We couldn’t be prouder of all we’ve accomplished these past 70 years,” Baker said, “and it’s our relationships with companies like CLARK and Crown Equipment Corporation, who we’ve partnered with since 1983, that have helped to keep us competitive and strong. We can’t wait to see what the next 70 years will bring.”

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