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Personnel Carrier
Cushman Personnel Carrier
Wesley Burden Carrier

Cardinal Carryor of Louisville Kentucky offers a variety of personnel carriers and burden carriers: Electric industrial vehicles.
Whether you’re moving people or parts, safety and efficiency come first. We’ve selected industry-best personnel and burden carriers for your transport needs, including a top-of-the-line selection of electric industrial vehicles, trailers and carts. Our personnel and burden carriers all feature exceptional durability and power, with added safety features for a worry-free ride. Reduce down-time and cart maintenance with reliable industrial vehicles that are backed with our 24/7 service.

Cushman Personnel carriers
These personnel carriers offer famous Cushman reliability, with a splash of comfort and style. Move your crew or transport guests for a factory tour with smooth riding and safety ensured. We offer a variety of seating options for 2-6 people, and both gas and electric industrial vehicles are available. Travel in style with personnel carriers.

Wesley Burden carriers
Our friends at Wesley make a great line of burden carriers, including their popular Pallet Mule pallet trucks and Pack Mule electric industrial vehicles. Both are known for rugged durability above and beyond the industry standard. Wesley has been in the market for more than 50 years; they make great equipment and have a wide variety of choices. You’ll find tow tractors, burden carriers, stock chasers and innovative pallet trucks. Ultra tough burden carriers.

We’re here to streamline your decision process and make sure you get the right personnel or burden carrier for the job. We give information, not a sales shtick!

Contact or call 1-800-666-5600 any time to talk about industrial vehicles. For your convenience, we offer leasing and rental options for personnel and burden carriers.