Clark Burden Carriers for a Wide Range of Applications

Louisville Burden Carriers

CLARK Burden Carriers are 100% electric-powered and designed for a variety of uses, from moving stock in a warehouse or parts at the factory, to transporting guests at the resort or staff at an event. Each vehicle is equipped with AC motors for efficient and dependable power, rear disc brakes give superior stopping performance, and the unique body styles are pleasing to look at.

CLARK Burden Carriers Applications

• Home builders & contractors
• Resorts & golf courses
• Apartment complexes
• Universities & collegiate sport venues
• Hospitals & nursing facilities
• Sports/event arenas & convention centers
• Airports
• Zoos & botanical gardens
• Nurseries & landscape companies
• Amusement parks
• Farms & ranches
• Recreation areas & campgrounds
• Large retail centers
• Hotels & casinos
• Office campuses
• Ports, cruise lines, & marinas
• Gated & retirement communities
• Prisons & security companies
• Car dealerships
• Warehousing, logistics, manufacturing, & distribution facilities

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